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All out hustle, aggressive social media approach, and organic content is about our racers and events. We interview the little kids all the way to the veterans. We shoot our content with the hardcore race fan in mind. This content is a concentrated audience. No fluff, no padded stats. We provide the real deal.

We are LOCAL. We are small business with BIG RESULTS.

One owner, X.CELERATED. No investors, no suits, and a crew that loves racing. We appreciate every day we get to work in the industry and stay true to our goals. No big check or management will change us. We stay small and flexible to work all the angles.

2017 Ad Inventory Website and Mobile App Banner Ads

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Title Sponsorship

  • Power Rankings
  • Photo Gallery

Live Broadcast Ads

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30 Sec Reader Ad / Endorsement by Host

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Title Sponsorship of Podcast

MAVTV Showcase

Broadcast Television show to air on MAVTV in Spring 2017. Dates TBA.

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  • Race/Segment Logo Sponsorship

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